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Really enjoying the pomegranate touches on the small plates at Mezze Place—puree in the red lentil kofte and seeds in the tabouli. Mezze Place * 31-18 #E Broadway, Astoria * 718-777-2829 *

(top) Brik: lightly fried phyllo pocket stuffed with shredded tuna, capers, parmesan, parsley, and a fresh, soft-centered egg that spills out when cut open… Tunisian tradition is that a man seeking the blessing of his bride-to-be’s family must successfully consume her mother’s version of this dish without spilling any egg; (bottom-left) Chakchouka: a ragout of peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, parsley, cardamom, cumin, and cayenne, with a fresh egg cracked over the top, adding a depth and creaminess to the tender vegetables, served with balthazar bread or pita for dipping; (bottom-center) bourek: 3 cigar shaped phyllo rolls stuffed with ground steak, parmesan, egg, and parsley… lightly fried; (bottom-right) Merguez Aiolissa: spicy cayenne-garlic lamb sausage with caramelized onions and harissa aioli on a crunchy Balthazar baguette; Harissa Cafe, 34-05 30th Ave, Astoria: (718) 545-9595;